Come Visit the Deciduous Forest!



The Deciduous Forest is midlatitude of the Earth.

Temperate deciduous forests can be found in the eastern half of North America, the middle of Europe and Asia.

Southwest Russia, Japan, and eastern china are some of the major areas that deciduous forest are located. South America has two big areas of deciduous forest in southern chile and the Middle East coast of Paraguay.

There are some deciduous forests located in New Zealand and southern Australia.

The are of a deciduous forest contains 5 different zones. The 1st zone is the tree stratum zone which contains trees between the height range of 60 ft. and 100 ft. The 2nd zone contains young and short trees. The 3rd zone is a shrub zone. The 4th zone is the herb zone which contains short plants, mainly herbal plants. The 5th and final zone is the ground zone which contains lichen and mosses.

Temperate Deciduous Forests

What To Wear

Attention all fashionistas, The deciduous forest is known for its distinct seasons! You can showcase your latest peacoat during the winter, or even your peplum dress during the spring or summer. Cardigans or sweaters are a must for both men and women, since at night the weather drops a bit. Bundle up with your scarves, thermals, or winter coats because during the winters temperatures are very low, in extreme cases -22 degrees F; the higher the altitude of the forest the colder it gets so socks are a must. The deciduous forest precipitates quite a bit throughout the year, 30-60 in. in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. The average temperature is 50 degrees F, which is a desirable climate for most; the deciduous forest is classified as a moderate climate zone. For those that enjoy more extreme levels of climate, the deciduous forest offers a cold and frosty winter, a cool and breezy fall, a warm and breezy spring, and a hot and humid summer (DISCLAIMER: pack hairspray during the summer the humidity levels range from 60%-80%). With these distinct seasons, visit the deciduous forest during the season that appeals most to your preference or fashion taste!


There are many sights to see in the deciduous forests, especially in the fall. During the fall, the trees , such as the White Oak, Pecan, Pomegranate, and American Beech, turn different colors. These aesthetically pleasing colors come in a multitude of shades: red, orange, green, yellow, and brown. This is the best season for sightseeing because of its moderate temperatures and low humidity levels. Animals like squirrels, bears, coyotes, rabbits, and possums can be seen throughout this biome. The deciduous forest is also home to a diverse group of birds such as owls, cardinals, and wood peckers. Although the deciduous forest's biodiversity is not quite as extensive as the tropical rainforest, beautiful, diverse animals do reside in the deciduous biome. The best places to see the deciduous forest's species diversity is in the northern regions of the biomes. (Most animals reside in the northern regions because the climate change) Since these forests are found on many continents of the world, there are many places you can visit to enjoy the scenery.

Suggested destinations: Japan, Appalachian Trail, Germany, New Zealand

Be Aware

There are some important climactic changes that you should know if you decide to visit the deciduous forest:

  • flooding (near a body of water)
  • sub 0 temperatures (especially in higher altitudes)