The Beneficial Belt

The life saving belt that will surely save your hide

And How Exactly Will The Beneficial Belt Save Me?

Well this takes into account the 5 basic needs of survival.

* The belt will help you react to the changes in environment around you by

a) Let you maintain a constant body temperature- keep you warm in cold environments and cool in hot climates

b) providing you with nutrients and water or directions to the nearest source

c) Provide a constant atmospheric pressure

d) Provide you with oxygen when you need it

This Belt will also help with the 8 characteristics of life by

a) It won't hinder cellular reproduction- a requirement needed to maintain growth and health to repair tissues in the body

b) It won't hinder growth- the growth of tissues, muscles, cells, bones that get worn over time and need to constantly grow to maintain health

c) It won't hinder the elimination of waste- the elimination of the by-products of digestion and the metabolism which are toxic

d) It won't hinder movement- or the changing of body parts and their positions

e) It will help you ingest nutrients, but wont hinder digestion

f) It will help you respond to your environment by regulating body temperatures

g) This will help maintain boundaries by creating a permeable membrane that allows the body to sweat and take in oxygen and it protects

Will it Maintain Homeostatic Balance Too?

Why yes, this is set up to keep your body in equilibrium. This will monitor one negative feedback loop or something that occurs when a function of the output of a system, process, or mechanism reduces the fluctuations of the output. In fact, this machine is set up to measure and maintain your blood sugar levels.

This will regulate blood sugar levels. So if these levels get too high, the belt will warm you with a loud beep and supply you with the exact amount of insulin you need to regulate your blood sugar levels. So it interacts directly with the pancreas to increase insulin supply.

Affector, Effector, and Stimulus of Helping Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Affector- digestive system

Stimulus- glucose releasing

Effector- the pancreas which releases insulin