Proposed Auditorium

Center Point-Urbana Schools

What can an auditorium do for our communities in Center Point & Urbana?

CPU recognizes its passion and commitment in seeking to better the experience of fine arts education in the community. An auditorium is...

  • An investment in the growth of our community and district
  • A vision for a better life and will enhance our community for those looking to move into our district.

If you're going to do it, do it right- Lights, Seats, and Stage!

The district has lots of great ideas and now we need to focus those ideas on a vision that will grow with our kids and community.
  • Our community gathering place
  • An attractive place to hold regional events, concerts, and entertainment
  • A high quality educational experience for students in a future profession

Name some of the technical features that will be included in the Auditorium**