Love Not Loss

Thousands of animals are in danger; what can YOU do to help?

Do Your Part & stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves!

Animals affected by humans:

Animal Conservation

Other animals whose existence has been threatened because of human impact

What we have lost

Before humans intervened on the island of Mauritius, the Dodo Bird was living in peace and in safety. Once humans arrived however, the birds were exploited for its meat. Because they were slow and could not fly, they became easy targets.

Should we be having this kind of impact on innocent animals?

Is it right that we have caused entire species to no longer exist?

What we could lose

A rare and unique species of dolphins, Hector's Dolphins have landed a spot on the endangered species list due to various human activity. The main cause in the species decline is the fishery bycatches that catch far more than just small fish for commercial use. Accounting for sixty percent of the deaths in recent years, this is just one of the many ways carelessness and greed of humans negatively impacts the ecosystem.

Is it right that we continue with activities that we know have and will continue to negatively impact the lives of thousands of innocent animals?

If this activity continues we will only have ourselves to blame.

“Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.” - Edward O. Wilson

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Created by: Will Thomas, Rachel Becker & Katherine Gavin

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