BY: Eli Cannon and Blake Childress


feelings of severe sadness and dejection
Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You)

The song say something i'm giving up on you

This song has a few meanings but one of them is depression (or suicide).

In it it says things like "i'm sorry that I couldn't get to you."

Even the title "say something i'm giving up on you" gives off the message that the person wont give up on them with what there going through.

3 Signs of depression

1. Change in attitude mainly talking back to adults with things such as " its all your fault. "

2. Someone starts saying things like " I am worthless "

3. Someone has ideas of suicide

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3 Warning signs of suicide

1. Ansomnia

2. Beginning to use drugs

3. Apathy

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5 Resources you or someone you know could go to if they are self hurting or have suicide



3. Family

4. counselor

5. therapist

Even if you don't have internet access, simple things like talking to your family or school counselor will and can help.