Alcohol Effects Smore Rubric

You will be graded on the following criteria...

Catchy Title (10 pts)

You will need to come up with a catchy slogan for the top of your flyer. It should be something attention grabbing and based on what you have learned about alcohol and its' effect on people.

Three Facts (15 pts)

You need to include three facts in your flyer about the negative effects of alcohol. Each effect should be summarized in its' own paragraph. In the paragraph you should include information about how the effect impacts a person's life.

Images (15 pts)

You will need one image for each negative effect described in your flyer. That means you should have a total of at least three images in your flyer. Each image should be a carefully selected representation of the negative effect being summarized. Do not include images that have a watermark.

Link (5 pts)

You will need to search and find a website that offers help for those who are struggling with alcoholism. This website should be included in your flyer along with a short description of the site.

Name & Class (5 pts)

The last item on your flyer should be your full name (e.g. John Smith) and your class block (e.g. Odd TB 2).