Blank Confession

By; Pete Hautman

How could the quiet, unassuming new kid in town be a murderer?


This book is about a boy named Mikey (Mike) almost got himself into a lot of trouble. It all started off at school, there was going to be a drug search taking place in a few minutes. A high school senior approached Mikey with a bag that he has asked to hold on to for him. That person was Jon Brande, he was a very handsome person and would have had a lot going for him but he was a violent, psychotic, drug dealer. Jon Brande was also Marie's (Mikey's sister). During the drug search Mikey got scared and threw the bag in the trash. Turns out the bag contained drugs that were worth $500. Mikey had a 5 weeks to get Jon the money. That is when Shayne Blank stepped in Mikey's life. Shayne and Jon never got along they were always getting into conflict. Eventually Shayne caught feelings for Marie, and found out that Jon and Marie were doing drugs at where Jon was currently staying. But one day Jon and Marie and disappeared, it wasn't till later that Shayne and Mike found them. They were found on top of a roof that was four stories high. Marie had been hit by Jon. Mikey and Shayne were furious, they got into an altercation that was very shocking. Jon pulled out a stun gun on Shayne, Shayne dodged the stun gun and knocked it out of his hands. Later on Mikey ended up getting a hold of the stun gun and pressed it against Jon's chest. When Mikey pressed the trigger he may have been holding it for a little too long because Jon ended up falling off of the roof and ending up in a pool. Shayne ended up talking the blame for everything and convinced everyone to say they saw nothing. Shayne moved away and never got caught.


I chose this book because I really like mystery books. My favorite part of the book occurred when Shayne took the blame for Mike's actions. I think that was very loyal and brave of him. In my opinion, this book was very interesting and creative, but it took very long to get to the point. I like this book because the book had a really good hook that made me want to read more. There was a lot foreshadowing and suspense. Overall, I rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 because i usually don't finish these types of books but this one had me reading till the very last word and wanting more. It would be recommended for people of all ages as long as they like mysterious and suspenseful books.
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Book Trailer | Blank Confession | By Reinaldo Moraga