New Year, New Start, New You

5 Days of "Stella & Dot Joy" Team Challenge


I am both blown away and deeply inspired by everyone who took a moment to share their WHY on our team page yesterday!! How joyful to think about all of us out there seizing the amazing opportunity to truly live and fulfill Stella & Dot's mission! The paycheck we earn is what allows us to accomplish our WHY- but, it's more than jewelry, more than a paycheck, even more than a global social network- becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist gives you the freedom to style your own life. Find happiness on your own terms.

Think forward for a minute.... imagine yourself later this year when you accomplish your WHY... how will you feel? Excited, accomplished, proud, joyful? Who will you share those feelings with? Who do you know that you would love to share this experience with? Who do you imagine taking with you to Hoopla/Vegas? Stella & Dot is fun, but anyone who has done so KNOWS that Stella & Dot is even more fun with a friend. Doing this business with a buddy helps to keep you motivated, to stay on track and it really raises the level of joy you experience. Watching a friend accomplish her own WHY is often even better than reaching your own- especially when you are along for the ride.

You may or may not have a goal of leadership- and that's ok. But, if you want to add JOY and FUN to your experience this year, consider sharing the opportunity and bringing on someone you would love to work with. What other job gives you the opportunity to hand select who you want to be surrounded by every day??

Day 2 CHALLENGE- Complete by midnight- your time zone

Post (on the thread on our team FB page) the name of someone(s) you would love to join you in your Stella & Dot experience this year. It could be your best friend, someone who you work with who has great style, a customer from a holiday show that sticks out in your mind... anyone you think would be a great stylist and you would enjoy sharing this experience with.

It's totally up to you if you decide to take it a step further and share the opportunity. We have an amazing sign-up going on right now, and with the launch of the new collection today, it's THE PERFECT DAY to just take two seconds to reach out and share the opportunity. If you share the opportunity with the person(s) you post, and anyone you list decides to join by January 31st, follow up with me and I will send YOU something extra special. You can find Words to Say in the lounge, but I have always found that the best approach is being honest, authentic and straight forward. Tell that person why you think they would be amazing- it's a compliment and the worst they can say is no!!

You will never look back and regret bringing a friend along. Don't worry about training- your upline and I are more than happy to help. It's more about surrounding yourself with joyful people and giving someone the gift of creating their own happiness as well!

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