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Week of: October 12, 2015


**Wanted for the our store: Please feel free to empty your junk drawers and clean out small toys! We would gladly take them for our class store!

Oct. 13: Night 1 for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Oct. 15: Narrative Publishing Party (See times for your student's class in writing section below)

Oct. 15: End of 1st Grading Period

Oct. 16: No School for Students

Oct. 22: Night 2 for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Related Arts for 3N

Monday: Music

Tuesday: P.E.

Wednesday: Media

Thursday: Art

Friday: No School for Students

What Are We Up To In Room 221?


This week students will be working on strategies to deepen their reading comprehension. Students will study the main characters of books to analyze why a character might do something or foreshadow what could happen next.


This week students will finish publishing their narratives and practicing their presentation skills.

The Publishing Party will be Thursday, October 15. All are welcome to attend!

Publishing Party Times:

Miss Nussbaum's Homeroom: 10:15-10:50

Miss Canonico's Homeroom: 12:50-1:35

Spelling/Word Work

Our test over our current words will be Wednesday, October 14. New words will be passed out on Thursday, October 15!

Katelyn Nussbaum

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