JW Reason Elementary

4th Grade Newsletter-April 2015

What's on the Calendar?

April 3- Good Friday- NO SCHOOL

April 8- Last Skate America Party

April 14- Science Extravaganza at JW Reason

April 17- Interims

April 20- Language Arts End-of-Year PARCC

April 22- Math End-of-Year PARCC (part 1)

April 23- Math End-of-Year PARCC (part 2)

April Curriculum

What Are We Learning?

Math- We are at the end of our fractions/numbers unit. Our last skill will be learning about decimals. Students need to be familiar with the tenths and hundredths place value. We will see how decimals relate to fractions by "building" the numbers, placing them on number lines, and comparing decimals. We will learn how tenths and hundredths relate so that we can add fractions with those denominators (even if a conversion is necessary). After decimals, we will start our Measurement Unit; area, perimeter, unit conversions, oh my!

Reading- April will be Poetry month! We have been focusing on different structural elements we see across different genres of writing. We have compared and contrasted stories (prose) with dramas. We are going to be learning about different structural elements we see in poems next. We will learn about things such as stanzas, line breaks, and figurative language that are often found in poems. After poetry, we will be revisiting non-fiction texts.

Writing- This month, students will be writing a personal narrative. We are going to focus on writing about a memory from their past and stretching it into a story. Their stories include characters, setting, plot, dialogue and descriptive language.

Social Studies- We will be learning our last social studies on the year this month. Our focus will be on Economics.

Second (and last) Round of PARCC Testing is this Month

Please be aware of the dates for the next, and final, round of PARCC testing. The next round starts at the end of this month. Starting April 20th, students will begin the End-of-Year (EOY) assessments. These assessments are more the traditional multiple choice style assessments. There is only one unit for the English Language Arts, two units for Math, and one for Social Studies.

The assessments will take place the morning of each of the following dates:

April 20- ELA

April 22- Math (unit 1)

April 23- Math (unit 2)

May 4- Social Studies

Then we are DONE with assessments :)