Cedar Hill HS

"Cultural Diversity Edition"

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From the Desk of Mr. Miller

As an educator of majority-minority children, my mission feels more relevant today than ever. I have struggled to come up with words that describe my range of emotions, however, I realized that "Leaders Must Lead!". As we continue to process and unpack all that has transpired over the last few days, let's remind ourselves of the work we set out to conquer in August and how critical it is for the future of our scholars and this nation.

Many of us are hurting, grieving, disgusted, and downright fed-up. The injustice in this country cannot be ignored. We have all been subjected to the frustration playing out all over the country in the numerous protests that have and continue to take place. Whether you agree or disagree with the tactics, let's continue to educate ourselves, lean on one another, practice self-care, push past our discomfort, and do the ongoing work needed to be our best individual selves, for the sake of humanity and our deserving scholars.

It is my hope for you to begin to process what is happening in our country and how we will continue to educate our children and families through it. As your campus leader, I am dedicated to ensuring that the staff and scholars of CHHS receive professional development on what we are seeing happening before our eyes. We will be a culturally relevant campus that recognizes and welcomes all. I am dedicated to listening and leading the talks of how we can advance through racial and social injustice. This will be "heart work" and I know that the CHHS stakeholders will be fully committed to change.

If not "US", then who? If not "NOW" then when?