The Sparkly Side - August Team News

Top tips to end the summer with a scorching month!

Re-engage and attend YOUR local Stylist meet up!

There are meetings taking place all over the world this August. Did you know that Stylists who attend regular training events and local Stylist Meet-ups grow their businesses 10x faster than those that don't.

Log on to the Stylist Lounge and Click on Training Events to find out when and where you local meet up will be held.

The next Cheshire Stylist Meet up is Wednesday August 5 at 7pm-9pm at The Kingfisher Pub (upstairs room) Regency Way, Northwich. Cheshire. Click to book here

Dial in to Training Calls

Every week, Stella & Dot Head Office runs a series of LIVE training calls for Stylists and all you have to do is dial the number, key in a pin and listen #simples. I post details of these calls on the Team Facebook Page and Head Office also post details on their Facebook page. Please note that you have to be on Facebook to access these secret groups.

Core training in London

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Come and join us at the Core Training and Meet Stella & Dot at Soho House in London on Wednesday, 12th August! As a Stylist you'll benefit from some essential training with Training Manager Sam Walpole and also get the chance to bring along your prospective Stylists to the Meet Stella Dot (MSD).

August tools

Don't forget to print out your Trunkshow exclusive offers and show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over! Amazeballs! These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge.
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August Bonus for your hostesses

So...usually if you host a trunkshow you get £30 of free stuff (that's minimum) for a qualified trunkshow BUT in August you will get an extra £40 ! That's £70 of free jewellery and accessories for hostesses to choose for themselves (on top of a free bracelet and shopping at 40 percent discount) . Who wouldn't want the girls round for a Style Makes Me Happy Hour ? Encourage your hostesses to book their August trunkshow while this amazing offer is on and before the good weather goes!
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TOP 12 SALES JULY - (figures taken from 1-30 July at 3pm)

Sales in JUNE 2015

1. Emma Hall £3,388.02

2. Amber Fry £3,064.22

3. Bernadette Gavin £2,512.59

4. Laura Lovell £2,247.91

5. Rachael Carter £1,670.50

6. Nicky Lees £1,568.94

7. Stephanie Smith £1,475.31

8. Angela Parker £1,474.61

9. Debra Routledge £1,467.52

10. Kelly Williams £1,354.60

11. Anne Lyon Byrne £1,245.56

12. Julie Maguire £1,155.00

What's your WHY?

Your Stella & Dot 'Why' is your reason for starting your business. Is your WHY big enough? How much do you really want it? Enough to pick up the phone and book a few trunkshows? If've probably not uncovered your real Why. I'd love to help you reach your goal and if you're happy to share your WHY with me even better - I'd LOVE to hear your story. Please reach out and tell me 0791 293 7224 ! #coachingcall #yourwhy #pickupthephone #letsdoit!

Top 3 in Sales July

Welcome to the Business

Welcome to all the New Stylists (pictured below) who have joined us in the last few weeks. If you are a newbie and really want to make this business work, there is a great New Stylist training call that you can dial in to

New Stylist Welcome Call: What do I do NOW?

Friday 31st July// 1.00pm

From UK landline: 0800 358 6387

From UK Mobile: 0845 351 2783

From Ireland landline: 1 800 937 650

From Ireland Mobile: 1 890 907 631

Access Code: 866 173 0714#

Important News

Have you checked out the ALL NEW compensation plan on the NEWS SECTION of the Stylist Lounge. Our Compensation Plan just refers to the way we get paid - and the great news is that the changes will mean we will get paid MORE! It's well worth worth reading!

There are also new bonuses for promotion to Associate Stylist £150 cash, Senior Stylist £300 cash, Star Stylist £600 cash and Associate Director £1,000 cash.

Promoting to Associate Stylist

If you are a new stylist, promoting to AS (Associate Stylist) is easy! Recruit one person and together ( you and your team sell about £2,500 in a calendar month) nb your personal sales must be at least £1000 of that.

You get £150 cash plus £175 PRODUCT CREDIT and this doubles to £350 Product Credit if you promote during Jump Start! (your first 60 days in business).

Contact me

Don't forget...I'm waiting to hear your WHY...perhaps you've been in the business a while and your why has changed. Let's brainstorm together as to how we can get you there. You can connect with me all these different ways...can't WAIT to hear from you xxx

Mhari xoxo