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Bedford, Monday, March 16, 2015

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Picture of the inside of Atlantis, taken from Chanel Perreault's underwater camera on March 9, 2015.

Credit to Chanel Perreault

Fourteen Year Old Finds Atlantis

Curiosity Helped the Cat

By D. Perreault

On March 9, 2015, diving prodigy, Chanel Perreault, and her father, Andre Perreault, were diving off of the coast of Bremuda when Miss Perreault spotted something glimmering near the bottom. "My curiosity overwhelmed me and I swam off withourt hesitation. At the time, I had no idea what I was looking at." says Chanel Perreault. Apparently, Chanel went off alone withotu her father, who was investigating a series of strange hyroglyphs on the rocks in the surrounding area. Andre admits that, "Chanel was always our curious child. If something catches her eye, there is no stopping her from going after it. I guess, in this case, that was a good thing."

The underwater city was created around one thousand years ago. No one is quite sure who created Atlantis, but the architecture is much different from that of the architecture anywhere in the Caribbean or North America. Beautiful sculptures, rounded rooves Atlantis spans over sixteen acres of land. Because of currents, the city is often covered by sand, making it hard to see. Another reason Atlantis was not discovered until now was that it is continuously moving. There is no solid foundation that connects Atlantis to the ocean floor. There is indication that there was once something holding Atlantis in place, but whatever it was did not hold up to the current.

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Image of the Tower of Terror ride prior to the accident on March 12, 2015.
Picture taken by Alexandra Robinson.

Disney World Crash

Waiting in Terror

By Alexandra Robinson

At the tourist hot spot Disney World on March 12, 2015, one of the most popular rides, the Tower of Terror, was got stuck on its ascention. All fifteen passengers, including Chanel Perreault and Jennifer Lawrecne, were stranded nearly two hundred feet above the ground as the ride managers tried to assertain what went wrong. Eye witnesses reported seeing black smoke coming from the control room, throwing teh safety of this ride into questioning.

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Cocoa-Cola bottle explosion similar to that of Demi Perreault's.
Credited to Priscila García

Cocoa-Cola Does Not Open Happiness

The Reasons Behind the Cocoa-Cola Lawsuit
By W. Zedler
On March 15, 2015, Demi-France Perreault became blind in her left eye because of a direct hit to her iris cause by an over-pressurized Cocoa-Cola bottle cap. Ms. Perreault is suing on account of over carbonization of the popular soft drink. The court battle took place three days later, ending in a draw between Cocoa-Cola and Ms. Perreault. The case will be moved up and reviewed by the Texas Judicial System this Friday.
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