Kelli Copridge

8th grade / Computer literacy / 4th hour

About Me

I spend a lot of time with my family sometimes we just sit there and talk all the time. Every week I always have time to spend with my friends like my house is the go to house %95 of the time every week. I am a cheerleader at Gage in blue spring and its my favorite thing ever.

My grades

Currently in my classes i only have a few grades because its the start of the quarter but they are all A's so far and i plan to keep it that way

School Life 😝😝

8th Grade

I am currently an 8th grader in Osage Trail Middle School. I am on the track team. I am In yearbook and designed about 6 pages so far. For career day I look forward to listening to all the people I am most excited to get to see the News Reporter hopefully.