Booker T. Washington

By: Julia Kozar

About Booker

  • Booker T. Washington was born into slavery in 1856. By 1863, Washington and his family went to live with his father in Malden, West Virginia as free people.
  • At Malden, Booker worked at the mines and went to school
  • Washington then attended Hampton University. He learned a lot there and aspired to create his own school.
  • Later on, he tackled this goal and became an inspiration to others near and far.
  • Washington was a hero because of his courage, perseverance, and moral direction


  • Booker T. Washington had wanted an education ever since he was a slave
  • When he was freed, Washington finally got the chance to get an education
  • He attended school in Malden, then went to Hampton University
  • Not only did he go to school, he later on received a degree from Harvard(first African American)
  • From there he was able to create a school, and was excellent at delivering speeches to diverse crowds
  • To rise up from such a low position, takes a huge amount of courage
  • Not many blacks from this time period, had any courage to do this, but Washington did

Moral Direction

  • At Hampton University, Washington found his love for delivering speeches
  • He started by giving speeches at Tuskegee(first school), and then went on to things like Expositions
  • He was great at moving his crowd, and making his crowds agree with his views
  • He used moral direction to say what he believed was best for his race
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  • Later in Washington's career, he received criticism
  • People realized that he only wished for blacks to live in harmony with whites, not total equality
  • Also, his teaching techniques became less needed because of new technology
  • Although he received these critics, Washington persevered through, and still stood up for what he believed in
  • Because he stood up for his race, he is a hero to near and far

Life Summary

  • Rose up from slavery
  • Went to school
  • Received a degree from Harvard
  • Started his own school
  • Gave speeches
  • Stood up for what he believed in
  • Definitely a hero to near and far

Impact on History

  • Without him, we might not have integrated schools today
  • People thought of him as an inspiration and a hero, followed his lead
  • Schools today might not have cooking or sewing, if Washington hadn't enforced life's necessities