Mill Creek 2nd Grade

What's New This Week

Early Explorers

We are continuing our learning about Early Explorers this week. Through out this unit we will specifically learn about 4 important explorers of our world's history. These are:

Christopher Columbus

Jacques Cartier

Juan Ponce DeLeon

Christopher Newport

International Connections

Linked below is the Blog from our friends in China! We will probably not have much time to continue blogging this week with so much going on in the classroom. Feel free to encourage your child to blog at home! Be sure to ask them what are important aspects of a quality blog post before hitting send! :)
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As we are finishing up our unit on Opinion Writing we will be looking ahead to Poetry. We will focus on several poems such as Haiku, Cinquain, Acrostic and Triangle. This week we will only be looking at an overview of poetry, defining characteristics and exploring various types of poetry. We will also continue to publish our writing using multimedia sources.


This week we are working on spelling words that include the Silent C.

Please remember to use Spelling City as a great resource. Currently we are on List 26 which can be found at (Nuelle) or (Brown)

This is a resource used in the classroom for free games and practice for all students.

Linked below is another option to practice parts of speech in a fun way- MAD LIBS!!!! one of my favorite childhood memories!

Spelling Words

  1. land
  2. quiz
  3. scene
  4. scent
  5. muscle
  6. science
  7. scissors
  8. crescent
  9. goose
  10. geese

Chicken Life Cycle

We have a dozen fertilized chicken eggs in our classroom. Day 21 is when they are expected to hatch (NEXT Tuesday). We are currently learning about Chickens, their life cycle and how the mother hen cares for the baby chicks and what it does to ensure the eggs hatch. Next week we will create a habitat that they need to survive their first days of life. Eventually we will return the baby chicks to the local 4H club associated with the University of Missouri to allow these chickens to continue life on the farm. This will be a wonderful experience for our 2nd graders and well will do our best to stay connected through online sources so you all are able to see what is happening with the chicks as well! I am working on a live stream through Youtube! I will send out the link when we get that up and running!

Looking Ahead in Social Studies

After we complete our unit on Early Explorers we will continue the study of geography through the learning about many cultures around the world. It has been a focus of ours this year to accept the differences of other and celebrate each individual for who they are. No we will get to further our knowledge of different cultures from around the world.

Looking Ahead in Science

Through out the rest of the year we will be continuing the learning of habitats and working with local conservationist about determining the best habitat for some local Missouri wildlife, and if these animals are receiving that. This will be a culminating project for the year where many subjects will be tied into our project.

Creating Lifelong Learners