Norwalk High School Library

April 2014

Books to Know About

Google Tool to Know About

Google Add-Ons

Google has added a new feature, Add-Ons, to the Documents and Sheets programs to allow more functionality for users. Just a few of these add-ons include EasyBib, table of contents, charts, graphs, and even an Avery label merge feature. To get started, just open a new document, click on the Add-Ons tab, and then Get Add-Ons. More information is available by watching the video below.
Add-ons for Google Docs & Sheets

Web Tool to Know About

World News Digest

World News Digest is an online database available to Norwalk High School staff and students. This archival record of domestic and international news covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940 and continues to be updated weekly. In addition to articles and primary source documents, biographies and country profiles are also included in this database. World News Digest can be accessed from the Norwalk High School library's homepage. See me for login information.

Other Information to Know About

ABCs of Information Literacy

Check out this easy-to-understand infographic regarding information literacy! And remember - if you need help teaching literacy to students, please contact me!