Classical Conversations of Joppa

Weekly Newsletter - October 28, 2015

A Note from SM Adrienne Tolentino

Dear Joppa Community Family,

I am so excited to let you know that I will be visiting your campus as your Support Manager on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, and will be there from 8:30am-3:00pm.

It is such a pleasure to meet the amazing families that are a part of

Classical Conversations, and I look forward to having the opportunity

to get to know you all more! You are always welcome to contact me at

Feel free to arrive early that day if you have any questions for me .

Community Announcements

Week 8 Preview

Tin Whistles: Remember to pack the student's tin whistles (labeling them is a plus!) All classes will be doing tin whistle at 9:30am to limit distractions from other classes.

Memory Master Meeting: This week I'll be starting morning assembly promptly at 9:10am so I can introduce memory master information to families. Memory Master is a student who has memorized 100% of the current year's memory work and has recited it to their parents, a tutor and the director. The purpose of Memory Master is to reward and encourage students to demonstrate excellence and recitation. Any student (or parent) is welcome to participate and is achievable with any student who practices regularly at home. Memory Master testing will take place Week 23 and Week 24. Please refer to your email for more information and memory master guide pdf.

Foundations Presentation Topic: Week 8 and 9 are Demonstrations/Make or Do Something. These are expected to be a little longer - 5 min. Half the class will go week 8, half the class on week 9. Read your tutor notes below to see the assignments for Week 8 and 9.

Foundations Class Notes - Week 7 Wrap Up

Abecedarians - Ms. Lauren Neiswinger's Notes

It was wonderful being back together this week! We had such fun! Please remember that you do not need to prepare your students for class. The information is new for everyone & I am here to give you, the teacher, ideas of how to present & work on the information throughout the week.

For English this week we used 2 little animals & a cup to help illustrate & learn the prepositions. We put one animal IN the cup, flipped the cup over so the animal was INSIDE, put the cup on its side so the animal could walk INTO the cup. We put our animal with its match for LIKE & then placed the pair NEAR the cup. We had a blast!

We got a little goofy for science this week - LIVE BIRTH we cradled a baby, EGGS we crouched as if sitting on a nest, FRAGMENTATION we burst up like a starfish.

Enjoy your week!!

Apprentices - Ms. Chasity Longworth's Notes

Next week I will be assigning seats to each child to try to calm down the activity and talk during class. I will also be setting up differently... just a heads up! :) I will also have an incentive jar and once the jar gets filled because of good behavior, I will bring in something special for each child. The jar can also slowly empty due to bad behavior. This past week we had too much talking and hands on each other during class. I am hoping this will help.

As for presentation, we will only have half the class doing presentations. Their presentation is to show us how to do/make something. Each child will have 5 mins on the timer to do so. This week we will have...Liam Cox, Ryan Ramsey, Brody Sather, and Everett Tappan.

See you next week!

Apprentices - Ms. Renee Stratton's Notes

We missed Ms. Renee this week, but here are her notes for next week regarding who is presenting.

Week 8 Presentations - Karli, Jordan, Colby

Week 9 Presentations - Ella, Elena, Jayden

Journeymen - Dr. Sharon Touryan's Notes

Hello parents!

This coming week, the presentation topic is "Demonstration." Students will be given 5 minutes to show the class how to do/make/fix/use something. If possible, they should allow audience participation. Some examples are: creating a Lego model, drawing a picture, origami, braiding hair, or making a snack. This is a great opportunity for the kids to show us what makes them shine!

Our skill will be Poise. That is, speaking calmly and confidently, even if something goes wrong (as can often happen during a demo).

Only half the class will present this week:

Sean, Victoria, Selena, and Kaden O.

The following week it will be: Anna, Young Bo, and Caden

Finally, if your student is interested in leading the class as we cover one of the New Grammar topics, please let me know. They are full of ideas, and I'd love to give them a chance to show their stuff.

Masters - Ms. Jo Anne Wilhelm's Notes

Wrap-up for the Master's Class:

For New Grammar, we used the CC music for the timeline, history, math, and Latin. For science, we used pictures to memorize. As for our science experiments, we performed #63 - The Naked Egg, and #64 - The Shrinking Egg.

For Fine Arts, we learned vocabulary using p. 158-160 in the Foundations guide, and we played some notes. Please remember to have your student bring his/her tin whistle next week.

For the presentations this week, several students shared facts about a favorite country. We saw pictures of Turkey, looked at authentic nutcrackers from Germany, and ate a sweet Greek treat! Next week we will begin presentations about "how-to" do something. I will be sending a personal email soon about this.

Enjoy your week!


Memory Work Extras

CC Timeline Handmotions Video: (All Tutors are using the CC official videos OR the previously used rafikipaka from CC Connected. These two options are slightly different, but many of us have learned the rafikipaka handmotions in the past before CC officially came out with their own handmotion video.)

A PDF printout of handmotions can be found on CC Connected user name rafikipaka.

Cycle 1 Memory Work Audio:

Cycle 1 Memory Work Tutorials:

Reading Correlations from Half a Hundred Acre Wood:

Prayer Requests

Continue to keep each other in your prayers.

Kristen Harrison (Denise Coursey's sister) who has passed on after her battle with cancer. Her family is by her side as they arrange for funeral and memorial this week.

Patrick Hall (Theresa Speicher's family) who suffered an asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and coma

Speicher Family as they head to family court in November over Craig

VanGelder Family who has multiple prayer requests this week. Julianna has bronchitus. Great Aunt Nancy is in hospital with congestive heart failure and cancer who is now preparing for hospice. Great Uncle Bill is recovering from a heart attack. Caleb (8 year old cousin) had surgery to correct spina bifida and is dealing with complications. Sister's grandmother in law passed away. Dominic (2 year old close family friend) lost ability to walka nd is undergoing testing. Lift all these up in prayer for healing, wisdom for doctors and peace for families.

Chasity Longworth's grandmother who has stage one lung cancer and had a biopsy which resulted in a lung collapse.

Sarah Beavers (Amy Beaver's daughter) who is pregnant and undergoing genetic testing this week with her husband. Pray for wisdom and guidance from the doctors and peace for Sarah. And pray for her new marriage (congrats on marriage last weekend!)

Bennett Family who continues to learn to adjust to life without Nicole's mom. She passed away earlier this fall after battling lung cancer for over a year.

Foundations to Challenge Link

In Foundations today, your children will begin the study of basic musical notation and apply it to play the tin whistle. They will encounter this study again in Challenge I as they take music theory for a semester and see the connections between music theory and math.

Moms Night Out - Encouragement in a Cup

Tuesday, Nov. 10th, 7pm

1815 Wye Mills Lane

Bel Air, MD

Mid Year Review Carnival and Celebration

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 10am-1pm

2907 Mountain Rd


Join us for our mid-year celebration before our winter break.

We will have food and review games with the help of all parents. Mark it on your calendar and look out for a sign up genius soon.