Spring is around the corner

easy carry flowers bags to promote your business

100% Jute bag to carry flowers

With Spring around the corner, our easy carry flowers bags are great way to promote your business.

Our flower bags are designed as an option not just for the floral enthusiast. They are a practical and stylish solution for the shopper to manage their bunch of flowers.

The bag has been enhanced and stream lined to offer

  • soft cotton carry straps that don't irritate clothing or skin
  • a posy pocket for small and fragile bunches
  • can be printed to display your brand
  • 100 % jute
  • may be brushed clean
  • more internal ties to secure various sized floral collections

In an era of increasing accountability toward the environment Charming and Sweet Easy Carry Flower Bags provide a cost efficient, elegant and thoughtful solution to protecting the environment whilst still enjoying the pleasure of flora.

Please contact me on wholesale@charmingandsweet.com.au or 02 9436 2012 for pricing

Charmaine Ward

PO Box 5083

Greenwich NSW 2065

9436 2012