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February 22 - March 7, 2021

From the Directors

Chatfield Students Shine

In our recent winter assessment period many Chatfield students demonstrated excellent academic growth in both reading and math. In addition to diligent work at school, students that demonstrate the most academic growth are dedicated to reading at home and working on math at home. As a rule, your child should be reading 20 to 30 minutes a day at home and practicing math facts and/or math skills.

March is Reading Month

Chatfield Loves to Read! During the month of March we will celebrating great books and encouraging students to read, read, read! Individual homerooms will have unique activities throughout the month. Across the school we will have a March Book Madness activity where students vote for their favorite books.

Enrollment Lottery Time

This is the time of year when we reach out to the community to let people know that there are enrollment opportunities available at Chatfield for the coming school year. People who are interested in enrolling their children must participate in the annual enrollment lottery. In the next couple of weeks we will hold zoom meetings for those interested in learning about the school and enrollment lottery process. If you know of someone who may be interested, please share the information found at the end of this newsletter regarding our upcoming Zoom meetings. The highest compliment we can recieve is your recommendation to a family.

Homelessness Information

Did you know that if you are facing homelessness or are struggling financially the school may be able to support you. You just need to reach out and let a staff member know what is happening in your household. We will treat the issue confidentially within the school office.

Under the McKinney-Vento Act a child is considered homeless and qualifies for certain legal rights if

  • the family's home is not fixed, regular, and adequate,
  • the family is doubled up due to loss of housing or economic hardship,
  • the family must be housed in a hotel, motel, trailer, etc. due to lack of adequate alternative accommodations
  • the family is living in a place that is not considered a home or a place that is unsafe
  • a child is unaccompanied for whatever reason

We can and want to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out. The McKinney-Vento liason for Chatfield School is Bill Kraly 810538-1704.

Chatfield Art on Display at Gallery

It is time for the biannual Chatfield Student Art Show. This is a unique honor and opportunity for students to see their artwork in a real art gallery!

The show is scheduled to run from February 23rd - March 27th at Gallery 194, in downtown Lapeer. Please invite family and friends to come to the gallery and check out all the artwork!

The gallery is open Tuesday through Friday from 12 pm - 6 pm and Saturday 12 pm - 3pm. The gallery invites you to come visit but does request when visiting to stagger visitors and wear a mask as they are observing proper social distancing and Covid precautions.

If your child has work on display you will be notified with a letter home. Thank you to art teacher, Mr. Lange, for the hard work with this project!

Spelling Bee 2021

The Chatfield Spelling Bee will be held on Wednesday, February 25 after school. We have several students participating. The winner from sixth grade and the winner from the 7th/8th grade will attend the Lapeer County Spelling Bee which is scheduled to be held virtually in March.

FREE Hot Lunch Program

Late in November, while Chatfield School was in remote learning, our application for the USDA Free Lunch Program was approved by the state. This means that for the remainder of the school year all Chatfield Students can receive one lunch per school day free of charge regardless of income. This application is also retroactive to September 1, 2020 so all payments for school lunches made from September 1, 2020 thru November 20, 2020 will be credited back to the students lunch accounts. Again, this is part of the federal program to provide every student with a school lunch. If a student purchases a second lunch or makes a milk only purchase the rate of $3.10 (lunch) and .50 cents will apply. To take advantage of this program, your student needs to order their lunch in their homerooms prior to 9:00am.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact, Ami Davis,

Lunch Menus

You may have noticed that we are no longer sending paper copies of the monthly lunch menu home. The lunch menu can be found at:

A paper copy can be picked up from the school office.

Upcoming Dates

2/24/2021 Middle School Spelling Bee 3:45pm (no spectators)

2/26/2021 LEAF Deposit Day Kindergarten and First Grade

3/3/2021 Middle School Orientation Zoom Meeting 6:30pm for Current 5th Grade and any families wishing to enroll in the middle school program for 2021-2022

3/8/2021 8th Grade Transition to High School Zoom Meeting 6:30pm

3/11/2021 Future Enrollment Family Zoom Meeting 6:30pm for families wishing to enroll in any grade k-8 for 2021-2022

3/23/2021Middle School Musical

3/24/2021Middle School Musical

3/25/2021 Middle School Musical

3/26/2021 Half Day of School Dismissal 11:30am

3/26/2021 End of Third Marking Period

3/29 - 4/2/2021 Spring Break No School

4/5/2021 School Resumes

4/5/2021 Deadline for Sibling Enrollment Form or Lottery Registration Form

4/9/2021 Report Cards issued

2020 Chatfield Archery Team

2020 Chatfield Archery Team

Grades 3-5 & Grades 6-8

Coaches are using TeamReach and email for team communications.

Enrollment Lottery Deadline Coming Up

If you would like to enroll a sibling of a current Chatfield student please submit the Sibling Enrollment form by April 5, 2021 to the main office. The form is attached to this newsletter. After this date, sibling enrollments will not be prioritized.

If you know of someone that would like to enroll their child or children at Chatfield School please remind them that the enrollment form is due to the main office on or before April 5, 2021. That form is available at:

Parking Lot Procedures

We just have a couple of parking lot procedures that may help with some of the congestion that occurs.

1. For those that drop off or pick up on the north/east side of the building, please pull all the way forward to the middle school door steps when picking up and dropping off. This will allow more people to pick up and drop off at a time.

2. If you are dropping off your child and you need to get out of your car to help your child out, please do not stay in the drop off line, park your car in a spot and help your child out of the car. This will prevent the drop off line from backing up.

3. As a reminder, if you are walking up to where students or staff are waiting you MUST WEAR A MASK, even if you are remaining outside.

4. Please drive slowly and carefully in the parking lots. Safety must be everyone's first priority.

Now Hiring!

We are currently hiring substitute teachers and substitute assistants. If you are interested in subbing at Chatfield, we could use you. Please contact Mr. Kraly at

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