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See what Ms. Lederach and Mr. Hammersley have to share!

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Like Snow

Suppose we did our work
like the snow, quietly, quietly.
leaving nothing out.

Wendell Berry from his collection Leavings, (Counterpoint, 2009)

Sometimes I simply need to step back and think about things I am grateful for. I sat looking out the sliding doors on Saturday morning as the snow fell. I stopped thinking and sat in the beauty. I love snow. It makes me stop, breathe, and look.

At this time of year, slowing down to breathe and look can take effort. I am glad for things that remind me what life is really about.

Each day as I welcome the children into the building, I am reminded of what my life's work is really about. It's about each of those children who enter our doors and trust us to make CRES a safe and welcoming place.

I am grateful for each of the staff members who have joined in this work. I am grateful to the families for entrusting their children to us.

May your week give you opportunities to stop, breathe, and look.

~Lisa Lederach

Read, read, read!!

From Christy Jordan, our Instructional Coach

Mountains of research show that kids who read more make stronger and faster gains than kids who don't often read. Plus, they enjoy reading more! Makes sense, right? CRES teachers have been working hard to help each and every student find the book or series that will get him/her hooked on reading more and more and more. And, we have been having fun by taking a playful approach to reading instruction in the classroom:
  • Kindergartener readers have discovered their Super Powers as they learn to read the words in books! Pointer Power, Picture Power, Sound Power and Word Power helped our youngest readers learn to read!
  • A Super Secret Detective Agency felt our first grader readers had potential to be Word Detectives! And, they were right! Our first graders took on the challenge of several training missions that helped them grow their reading skill.
  • Second Grade readers are hooked on series books. They have met some amazing characters such as Poppleton, Zelda and Ivy, Katie Woo, and Mercy Watson!
  • Third Grade readers are reading for clues, suspects, red herrings, and motives as they try to solve the mystery before the crime solver in their book does.
  • Fourth grade readers have been reading up on extreme weather as they tackle reading complex informational texts.
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Join us on our renovation journey!

As many of you are aware, CRES is undergoing a major building-wide renovation that began last summer. One way we have been keeping our community informed is through the website found below. This site is periodically updated as the 5 phases of the renovation take shape. Please visit to see the progress and what's in store for the future of Cumberland Road Elementary. You can also follow Mr. Hammersley on his Twitter account for periodic updates: @EdforService
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Parking Lot Information

On December 11, HSE employees that work in the central administration building and anyone visiting that building began parking in the new lot on the east side of CRES (closest to the road). This means some people will be crossing the street in the dark. For safety reasons, an HSE facilities crew has placed a large light over the crosswalk. Please take caution as you enter and exit so everyone makes it to and from the parking lot safely.

If your child is a walker or bike rider, they will now be able to enter at the front of the building at door 1. Please ensure that you walk with your child the entire way.

The new lot will not be used as car-rider pick-up and drop-off until the 2018-2019 school year due to continued renovation on the school's east side.

Teachers, staff, and anyone visiting CRES will continue to park in the old south lot.

Contractors and construction workers will now only park in the temporary gravel lot south of the administration building away from CRES to cut down on traffic.

Thank you for working together to keep Cumberland Road safe!

Parent Involvement

Calling all volunteers! It takes a village of caring adults to ensure that our children receive the greatest education possible. Teachers are always looking for parents that will assist in various ways in and around the classroom.

In today's schools, safety is key more so than ever before, and a background check is required for entry into the school while students are present. Please vist to learn more about the background check process if you have not already obtained one.

Feel free to contact your child's teacher to set up a plan for volunteering at Cumberland Road. A little bit of time volunteering goes a long way in helping our teachers give our kids the very best. Thank you for your time and dedication.

What's Going on in December?

Teachers and children are celebrating all kinds of things as the semester winds down. Our kids have worked incredibly hard to learn and grow. As we close December, the teachers take time to look back and reflect on the many ways they have learned more about how to support our children as readers, writers, mathematicians, thinkers, scientists, and inquirers.

We are proud to be part of the Cumberland Road Elementary School community.

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We want to share with you some of the celebrations happening in our building these last five days before Winter Break.

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  • Guest readers and an Open House to share our new K space is happening in Mr. N's room.
  • To celebrate reading various versions of The Gingerbread Man, several classes are sharing gingerbread cookies and stories they've written.
  • One class is sending in photos and brief statements about holiday celebrations throughout the year for Show & Share.
  • Several classes are celebrating all of the wonderful super powers in their readers. Students will share and demonstrate their powers – which one is their favorite, which one they think is their strongest. The focus will be on the joy of reading and the growth that EVERY reader has made thus far.
  • One teacher had her class help make celebration decisions. The students

    chose a movie with hot chocolate and popcorn. They watch a short movie and enjoy some snacks.

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First Grade

  • One class is doing activities around the book, Owl Moon. The children will write and learn about winter solstice, night time, and owls.
  • Another class is celebrating reading Charlotte's Web together by snuggling under blankets and enjoying popcorn together.
  • Several classes are having Hot Chocolate parties. One is pairing hot chocolate with The Polar Express.
  • Mrs. McKinney's class is creating a Cold Weather Classroom Cookbook.
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Second Grade

  • Holidays Around the World, a learning celebration involving pajamas, pizza, and board games and a student read-in is slated for Mrs. Hale's class. They are excited and can hardly wait for the day to arrive.
  • Another class is having a Celebration of Learning that includes Math Games, Reading Games, a Spelling Bee, Board Games, and a Snack Bar.
  • Miss Mitchell's class is doing a Breakout Session for Fenway and Hattie with our librarian, Mrs. Hicks', help.
  • Rotations around kindness and making a gift for a family member is how Mrs. Snyder's class is celebrating. The students will also practice social skills by playing organized card games.
  • One class is having a Snuggle Up and Read Celebration. Students will wear their PJs and sip hot cocoa while they snuggle up and read.
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Third Grade

  • Mr. Dankoski's class is doing a Breakout Room with Fractions. Once completed, the students will debrief over hot chocolate and a snack. On another day, they'll meet their Book Buddies and do a Flashlight Party where they snuggle up with their buddies and read together.
  • As a way to celebrate a Mystery Unit, one class is doing a Reading Celebration with pajamas, blankets, and stuffed animals. Parents are coming to read with their children.
  • Another class is also celebrating their Mystery Unit with Cocoa and Cookies, a read-in, and time with their buddies.
  • Some students will be doing Kindness activities by writing letters to the construction workers, related arts teachers, etc.
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Fourth Grade

  • A marvelous Service Learning project is happening in Mrs. Langemeier's room as the students make LED holiday/winter cards for the Assisted Living Home at 116th and Cumberland Road. During this project they'll learn more about simple circuits.
  • Mustache Cafe will highlight authors sharing their writing portfolios and artwork. The students will also enjoy hot chocolate and decorate mustache cookies.
  • Mr. Halliwell's class created a Service Learning Project called Stuffing Stockings where students will stuff essentials for a homeless shelter. They are also creating items for recipients of Meals on Wheels to brighten people's days during the holiday season.
  • Team Murch is having a Winter Solstice Themed party to learn more about the phases of the moon and the shortest day of the year complete with a pizza party, moon slime, and Neil deGrasse Tyson viewing.
  • Mr. Greiwe's class has a Pizza Party Celebration planned in order to celebrate the students' reading and writing accomplishments, celebrate Phase 1 of their Capture Kindness Challenge Project, and to say farewell to two classmates who are moving to new schools.

As you can see, the school is abuzz. Please check with your child's teacher if you want to learn more.

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Third Grade Music Programs This Week

In third grade we are gearing up for our big Showcase! Our children are becoming pirates. Pirates who sing, play instruments, compose, arrange, create movement and even dance with swords. The holiday season meets our pirate theme with the North Skeleton Sword Dance. This dance is typically performed as the focal point of a mummers play a Christmas time in some parts of England. We are borrowing it to fit our pirate theme this year.

The programs take place in the cafeteria on the following days and times:

Wednesday, Dec. 13

  • 5:00 Mr. Koewers' class
  • 6:00 Mrs. Roth's class
  • 7:00 Miss Shendler's class

Thursday, Dec. 14

  • 5:00 Mrs. Cook's class
  • 6:00 Mr. Dankoski's class
  • 7:00 Mrs. Hicks' class

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Where Can You Find All the Information about CRES?

Several of you have asked. Seems there are so many different places you can find CRES info. Facebook, Facebook PTO, Twitter, our Roadrunner newsletter, Weebly.

One stop shopping. Go to the CRES website

You should find links to all of our information and social media sites there including PTO information.