The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Devin Tinklenberg


Never give up when things are hard

Cruz de la Cruz

Cruz is my favorite character because he helped the team by having them use the video game. Cruz was also the leader and funny and determined. He was really good.


At first Tom was scared to speak in front of a big group, but at the end he found his voice and could talk to a big group. He also told Maria that he liked her.


The most exciting part was when Tom hit the high pop fly and the blazing wind kept blowing it around, and nobody could catch it, and the people kept tripping over each other.

The Hero

Dante del gato was the hero because he showed them hard drills so they could see the ball in slow motion. He made them catch 100 high fly balls and fast grounders. He was the hero of DillonTown and the best baseball player. He could see the ball in slow motion