A Baseball Life

By Ricky G.

Baseball legends

This is a story about a major league baseball legend "the man who changed things" Jackie Robinson
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Jackie Robinson

- accepted into the hall of fame in 1962

- broke the color barrier in 1947

- made his baseball debut on april 15, 1947

- Jackie's number in baseball was the first number retired

- He was elected to throw the first ball at the 1972 world series

- in 1953 he had a .400 batting streak

- in 1954 he had a .779 batting in the national league

- named national league rookie of the year in 1947

- lead the national league in stolen bases in 1947 and 1949

- led second basemen in double plays in 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1952

- selected as the national league MVP in 1949

- won the 1949 batting title with a .342 average

- national league all-star team, 1949-1952

- led the dodgers to six world series and one world series champion ship

- received the prestigious Springarn medal

- received multiple honorary degrees from universities

- Jackie was never his real name but it was his baseball name

- was an all right baseball player

before and beyond baseball

- created the Jackie Robinson foundation in1970

- served in the US military from 1942-1945

- served numerous segregation protests




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