Auschwitz Concentration Camp

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was the biggest camp built by the Nazis. Auschwitz killed more than 1 million innocent people. There were 3 main camps, one for killing and two were work camps. Though Auschwitz is the best well known because so many people died and were murdered there. Auschwitz and the Nazis killed so many people that they had to have major killing camps, including Auschwitz 2 or Auschwitz-Birknau.

Auschwitz was the largest work/kill camp the Nazis made. The main camp of the 3 was Auschwitz I. This was the camp where you got the tattoo on your left wrist. Once you got to Auschwitz I you could be deported to any other camp in Nazi control. The Auschwitz camps had "showers" for some of the prisoners. The showers were really gas chambers. These gas chambers, they used Zyklon B gas, which was poisonous. Prisoners that were gassed were taken to the crematory to be burned. The Auschwitz camps were a really bad place to be during WWII.

The largest Nazi camp, Auschwitz, killed and housed over 1 million people. Auschwitz had many camps, but all could be deadly. Auschwitz is the most well known camp because of all the bad things that happened there. This camp the worst because millions of people suffered and die there.