Lorenzo Ghiberti

Father of the Renaissance


Born: 1378 in Pelago, Italy.

Life spent in: Florence, Italy.

Education: Ghiberti was taught by his stepfather, to become a goldsmith and was later admitted to the "Silk and Gold" guild as an apprentice. He soon passed his exam, and became a master goldsmith. In 1400, Ghiberti fled Florence and seeked training to become a painter ,and finally ended up becoming a sculptor and an architect.

Lifestyle: Ghiberti moved to Florence, Italy after his father, Cione, died. He spent his entire life considering his stepfather, Bartolo di Michele, to be his real father and loved him dearly. There is no record of him marrying or having any kids.


Ghiberti made mostly sculptures and architecture.

#1- Gates of Paradise

#2- Stained Glass windows of Florence Cathedral

#3- Bronze Statue of John the Baptist


Ghiberti's artwork and architecture was mostly made about or made for John the Baptist.


-Secularism (religious)

-Classicism (classical ages)

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Gates of Paradise

This is one of Ghiberti's most famous pieces, called "The Gates of Paradise." It was created in 1425, and it still stands where it was built; on the Florence Baptistery of Florence. This piece was incredible for it's time. It took him 21 years to finish it. It has 28 panels and is made of pure gold. It completely defied all standards set for the doors built at that time period.


My Thoughts on the "Gates of Paradise"

I think that this piece of architecture is completely amazing and beautiful in every way. It is made of pure gold which I find incredible. The black sides and panels have tons of detailing which shows the amount of time and money that was put into the door.


I think that this door mostly resembles Idealism. The door is so perfect and so detailed it is obvious that is revolves around perfection. There is no flaws anywhere on and it took Ghiberti so long to build, just so it could be exemplary.

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