"Shades of Gray"

Author: Carolyn Reeder

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Story Plot

Exposition: The story, "Shades of Gray", takes place in Virginia Piedmont after the Civil War has ended. The main characters are _________________, __________________, and _________________. Will has just lost his entire family to the Civil War and he is now on his way to live with his Aunt and Uncle.

Text Evidence Setting: "The mill wasn't grinding, so food must be as scarce in the Virginia Piedmont as it was in the Shenandoah Valley." p. 1

(setting, main characters, and background information)

Rising Action: Events leading up to climax


Falling Action:



In Shades Of Gray, The main character, Will, is struggling within himself trying to hide emotions and feelings he begins to feel about his new family. Is it wrong for him to be feeling this way even though his Aunt and Uncle did not fight for the South? This conflict is called man vs. self.


The theme of my book is never judge someone until you walk in their shoes and sometimes things aren't always black and white or right or wrong, it is just a difference of opinion.

Character Ananlysis