All Star T-Shirts Now Available!

For conference, parties, vendor events!

Deadline to order is June 16th

It's that time of year again! As we prepare for Conference this summer, I am putting our SED lineage's tshirt available for purchase. If you have attended Conference in the past two years, this is the same exact shirt - we will wear it on Monday at Conference. I am attending in Salt Lake City. If you do not have a shirt and are attending, you will want to get one. We take a lineage picture each year and it's fun to show our team spirit with our cute shirts!

Even if you are not attending (it's not too late to register!), you can still order a shirt! They are comfy, flattering, and a fun way to advertise your business out and about or at your parties and vendor events. They are a woman's cut, so if you are between sizes or if you like it more loose fiting, I recommend ordering one size up.

Shirts will be distributed at Conference - if you want ours earlier or if you are not going and cannot pick it up in Parker, Colorado, please send $5 for shipping at

Let me know if you have any questions!

Click the link below to see the front and back as well as for ordering information.

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