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Hello everybody! Here are the new Smore articles! This time Ayane and Mason are the editors.

Congratulations to our new Smore members: Mei-Lin, Noah, Fabi, and Sophia!


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Figurative Language Dolls

Hello! Today, my Smore article is about our Figurative Language Dolls. Over the past few weeks, Mrs. Mihalik has been teaching us about figurative language, such as onomatopoeia, similes, alliteration, hyperbole, personification, idioms, and metaphors. We get the dolls by finding figurative language in our reading, then we turn in a Post-it note telling in what book we found the figurative language and on which page. Thanks for reading this! Happy reading!

-Airi Nishio Coker

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The Report On Mythology

Mythology attempts to give explanations for occurrences in the human world. Probably the most famous myths are Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian myths. We'll start with Greek myths. Greek mythology is the structure of myths that the Greeks first created. The three major gods are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Zeus is the god of lightning and storms. He is a stormy god with a worse mood and I bet that's why he is the god of storms. Poseidon is the god of the sea and water. Hades is my favorite god; he is the god of the dead and riches. The wife of Zeus is Hera and she is a greedy and a selfish goddess. Once, she threw her son off Olympus just because he was ugly. Talk about being mean! Poseidon's wife is Amphitrite and Hade's wife is Persephone who he stole from the upper world.

Now we'll move on to Roman myths. The myths mostly had to do with politics and morality. Many planets are named after Roman gods. For example, Jupiter is Zeus in Roman myths. Roman myths are the basis for the traditional myths showing ancient Rome's origins. These are some examples: Jupiter--god of lightning; Mars--god of war; Saturn--the Titan father of Jupiter; Venus--goddess of love and beauty; Juno--god of marriage; and Neptune--god of the sea.

Now we have the great Norse myths. People all around the world have been inspired and mystified with Norse myths. The ruler of Asgard is Odin and probably the most powerful and respected god in Norse mythology. Thor is also a very respected god since he is powerful and a superhero in the modern world. Ha ha. The rival of Thor and the most vengeful god: LOKI!!!! The most feared being since Darth Vader. He is a troublesome god and a super villain in the modern world. He is in the same movie as Thor. I bet that makes Thor really upset.

Now, my most favorite kind of myths. Egyptian myths!!!!! The main gods of Egypt are: Osiris--god of the dead and the underworld; Isis--the supreme Mother goddess;: Horus-- the god of light and birds; Set--the god of fire and chaos; Ra--the god of the sun; Nut--the goddess of the sky; Anubis--the god of the judgement of death; and Nephthys--the goddess who symbolizes the trial of death. Each type of myth is from a different perspective of Romans, Egyptians, Norse, or Greeks. Thanks for reading!


I Care Robot

By Steoshan (Stephen and Roshan)

In "I Care" this last month Roshan, Amadeu, Julio and I made a ROBOT! The robot has a simple motor that makes the "arms" turn around. We call it the "DanceBot2000" because the arms make it look like it's dancing. Here's Roshan with the scoop on building the robot.

Julio and Stephen had already made the base which was a giant truck. Then we started building the arms and we found a motor that could move the arms. We decided to put it on. After that we put the whole thing together and we turned the motor on. It made the arms spin around like it was about to throw something. That was how we built the robot. Now back to Stephen.

Well, now you know how and who made the robot, but what was its purpose? The purpose of the robot was to see what we could do with the motor we found!

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About Praying Mantises

Have you ever heard about a praying mantis? If yo don't know about them you should use the link at the bottom to learn about them. My new role in Smore is the animal/bug/insect master. I just wanted to tell you about my new role, but I stuck some praying mantis stuff in there. Thanks for reading! :)


Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad is a global math program for grades 4 and 5. Over 100 countries participate in Math Olympiad. The instructors for Westwood's fourth grade Math Olympiad are Amadeu's parents Mr. and Mrs. Behrend. Mr. Behrend thinks that problem solving found in Math Olympiad is good for students and can help students in middle school. As proof, my 12-year-old brother did not know about telescopic sums when I asked him, and he's in eighth grade! Mr. and Mrs. Behrend teach in Mrs. Mihalik's classroom on Tuesdays after school.


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Mr. And Mrs. Behrend (Mr. Behrend borrows Amadeu's hat on Crazy Hat day!)

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Math Olympiad Rocks!

Thursday Thinkers

What is Thursday Thinkers? It's an after school program that Mrs.Mihalik runs. It is when pupils stay after school for at least one hour. They first eat a snack and play a game of Four Corners. Then they head out to the ELC. Kids can do their homework or play math games. After about forty minutes everybody writes their name on a scrap of paper that they put it a basket. Mrs. Mihalik picks out two names and they get a free piece of candy. Then we go home. That is what Thursday Thinkers is about!


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These are Thursday thinkers!

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Pinecone turkeys we made with our buddies!

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Student Council's Mustache day!