Ernest Rutherford

By Lexi Whetsel

The beginning of it all

Ernest lived from August 30, 1871 to October 19, 1937.
He worked with Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden. They figured out that the atom had a nucleus. His model showed that the electrons circle around the nucleus. His model included that the atom had a nucleus, along with the electrons flying around it.
“Ruhterfordium” element was named after him.

About his Atom Model

In 1911, Ernest decided to investigate more with the atom. He kept thinking that all of the electrons were positive and that they were floating around in a huge nucleus. They say the nucleus was about ten thousand times smaller than the atom itself, and that it would be equal to putting a marble in the middle of a football stadium. HE also thought the lighter electrons would float to the outer part of the nucleus. But little did he know, not everything was filled with just electrons, but also filled with just empty space.
He concluded that the the charges were attracting each other and that they were accelerating. Thanks to Maxwell and his time era, people now knew that a force can become faster when their speed changes and their direction. But Rutherford wanted to change that. With a little help from Niels Bohr, he did. In 1912 they found out that the nucleus could give off energy continuously. So they wanted to slow it down. They came up with some experiments and it showed that electrons only radiate in lumps. That then became the “Bohr Atom.”