Member Interest Survey Results!

From the Heartland Toastmasters 9/15/2015 club meeting

Here is what our Heartland members are interested in at Toastmasters:

Results ranked from highest interest level to lowest

  1. Improve listening skills
  2. Improve management skills
  3. Improve thinking skills
  4. Complete Competent Communication manual and earn CC award
  5. Earn Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze, or Advanced Leader Silver award
  6. Improve evaluation skills
  7. Improve meeting management skills
  8. Visit other Toastmasters clubs
  9. Help the club with public relations and publicity
  10. Learn how to judge speech contests
  11. Help to increase club membership
  12. Learn or help with a Youth Leadership program
  13. Complete Advanced Communication manuals and earn Advanced Communicator Bronze, Advanced Communicator Silver, or Advanced Communicator Gold award
  14. Participate in Toastmaster activities outside of the club
  15. Present modules from the Success Leadership Series and the Success Communication Series
  16. Serve as a mentor for a new member
  17. Present modules from Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series, or Leadership Excellence Series
  18. Serve as a club officer
  19. Contribute to or edit the club newsletter or website
  20. Learn about parliamentary procedure
  21. Lead or help with a Speechcraft program
  22. Be part of a club Speakers Bureau
  23. Be a contestant in a speech contest
  24. Participate in club debates
  25. Serve as a District Officer and specify the office
  26. Organize a new Toastmaster Club
  27. Other: World domination and a nap

What does this information mean for you?

It shows us how we can take our club to the next level. Think about how we can use these interests to design our presentations and our leadership roles for greater impact. Also, when we are working on special projects, we can take advantage of our fellow members' interests to offer them opportunities to grow and to gain support and assistance in achieving our goals.

The qualities that members liked overall about our club were: friendliness, enthusiasm, openness, flexibility, organization, support and consistency.

Heartland Talk Of The Town Toastmasters Club is fun and definitely something special !

Upcoming Toastmasters Events !

  • October 2015 - Division E Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests Oakland, Florida
  • November 2015 - District 84 Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests Daytona Beach, Florida

Heartland Talk of the Town Toastmasters

Visitors and guests are always welcome! First & Third Tuesday evenings of every month, starting 6:15 pm, ending at 7:30 pm. Community Room 101 at Grace Brethren Church, enter from front of building, shows "160" on entry door. Toastmasters Club #1269043