UDL-IRN Network & Learn Series

09-16-15 Designing For Culture and Environment

It's Not Too Late! There's still time!

We're one week away from our first Network & Learn Hangout with UDL- IRN and special guest Kit Hard, Instructional Technology and Professional Development Supervisor for Port Huron Schools, Mi! Start the school year by discussing intentional design and variability!

Kit will offer useful strategies and push on our thinking as we discuss how UDL is a powerful practice for developing community, culture, and the learning environment of our schools. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with other UDL leaders and share your ideas.

Designing For Culture and Environment

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.

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Twitter using the hashtag #UDLIRN

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What is #UDLCHAT?

Have you ever been part of something that makes you feel like a family member? According to participants, the #UDLchat does just that. When five educational leaders joined together they created a vision, and from the vision the #UDLchat was born. The following are the five visionaries of the chat.

  • Kit Hard @kithard

  • Ron B. Rogers @ronbrogers

  • Elizabeth L. Stein @elizabethlstein

  • Mindy Johnson @min_d_j


  • Katie Novak @katieNovakudl

    continue reading Ron's Journey of UDLChat

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The Universal Design for Learning Implementation and Research Network (UDL-IRN) is a grassroots organization that supports the scaled implementation and research related to Universal Design for Learning. Through collaboration, we support and promote the identification and development of models, tools, research, and practices designed to foster effective UDL implementation in educational environments. We encourage and welcome participation in these discussions

Meet Kit Hard

Kit is a Canadian/Michigander who originally hails from the great state of Wyoming. Which basically means he’ll say eh!? and howdy frequently while simultaneously pointing at his thumb knuckle if you ask where he lives. His educational journey has been equally as kaleidoscopic but might be summed up as “served struggling youth” and then somehow became an “EdTech guy”. Perhaps the one common thread that weaves these disparate experiences together is the framework of Universal Design for Learning. Whether it is honoring learner variability or providing flexible pathways to success, UDL seems to inform much of the vision and work he does.

He draws much of his UDL inspiration and experience from his 8 years working at the Academic Transitional Academy. At the ATA 9th and 10th graders were encouraged to re-engage with their learning through cross-curricular Project Based Learning in a small, relationship driven school with an incredible Makerspace facility and 20 acres of woods. In his current educational incarnation Kit is the Instructional Technology and Professional Development Supervisor for Port Huron Area Schools.