Exclusion Brainstorming

Literacy Strategy #13


  • Activate students' background knowledge
  • Expand understanding
  • Pre-Reading activity
  • Gain experience with key vocab.
  • Develop a purpose for reading


1. Prepare Word List
  • This should be done by the teacher ahead of time
  • Include a few words that don't fit
2. Go Over List With Students

  • Either in small groups or as a class
  • Decide which words relate to the text
  • Draw circles around those that don't include
3. Learn About The Topic

  • Students read the assignment
  • Notice whether the words are included or not
4. Check The List

  • Make corrections
  • Put checkmarks by related words
  • Cross out unrelated


This is a great activity to get your students accustomed to the key ideas of a text before they read. You are able to generate a list of words that get the students thinking and then go back over when you complete the list. Students will begin the reading with these words in mind and then have the opportunity to discuss what they discovered when they finish.