Defending our Assessment

Teaching preschool age people may think they do not have assessments. I teach preschool and use many assessments to evaluate the children. What is used in my room are; evaluations, portfolios, and how my children respond to projects. Conferences are held in December and evaluations are done in February.
In December I have meet with the parents to explain what the class is working on. I also discuss goals that we should be met. At this time the parents get a chance to see the portfolio( which has cutting and gluing activities) The evaluations are done in February and mailed to the home. Everyday I assess my children on how they complete projects ; do they need help with cutting or help to hold a crayon? Each assessment I use helps me to see how my children progress and what they need help on.
The children have achieved when they are proud of their work and at the end of the year. The completed portfolio which is all their work is sent. If I feel I failed a student. I try to help them. I sometimes get help from a coworker on what I could to improve.
As stated in Chapter 8 " Assessment is not about the teacher, its about the student"{Lopez p97) It is what the teacher teaches, but it is the student that learns the material.