EXTRA!EXTRA! Constitution Written!!

America free from british!!

News update!!

That's right folks the Constitution was written. We are free. The year 1787 and were free!!!

The 3 branches of government


State and Central government

State government means that state is not all run by central government but they have there own government in the state. That means they have a mayor and all! Each state has one representative for every 30,000 people. The senate is composed of two senators from each state chosen by legislatures.

Things state government are in charge of (in that state)



-local government

-holding elections

Things central government are in charge of

-regulate trade

-conduct forign relations

-provide military

-declare war

-printing money

-post offices

-makes immigration laws

Shared powers


-borrow money

-set up courts

-making laws

-enforcing laws

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These balance and checks are to prevent someone from having to much power a.k.a tranny

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