Mittye P. Locke

May 16 - May 20, 2016

PLC and Problem-Solving will take place.

Monday (5/16/16):

Tuesday (5/17/16):

8:40- Marzano Focus Group (Media: Randomly Selected Staff)

10:00-12:00: 5th Grade Students to PRSMS

Wednesday (5/18/16):

8:40- Galaxy Computer Program Training (Media: for ESY teachers and Grade Level Reps)

2:30- Grade 5 Yearbook and Pizza (Cafeteria)

4:00-5:30- Reading Counts Party (Cafeteria)

Thursday (5/19/16):

10:00- Pre-K Parent Meeting (Cafeteria)

Museum Day for School (Gifted Pod)

2:20 (gr.1)/ 2:40(gr.K)/ 3:00(gr. 2)- Primary Caught-Ya Party (Cafeteria)

Friday (5/20/16):

Museum Day for Parents (Gifted Pod)

6:00-8:00- Grade 5 Dance (Cafeteria)

Did you know...

Next school year, MPLES will be 1 of 7 schools in Pasco to receive an ESOL Teacher. This instructional position will assist in collaborating with teachers to help meet the needs of our ELL students, analyzing WIDA data to create plans for students, assist in implementing language immersion computer programs, and supporting our families in acquiring English, as well as supporting their children in their education. We are excited to have this new position here at Locke!