Discovered Simple Morning Ritual

How This Changed My Life !

I’m thirty-three. I’m 5'7".Three
years ago, I could never have
imagined hiking — not in a milion years!
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Four years ago, I moved from Fresno to Oakhurst, California, and was excited about all of the new activities the new location afforded: hiking paths, biking trails in Yosemite and a great climate for being outdoors.

There was just one issue: I weighed more than 340 pounds and didn’t want to go outside.

Before I moved, I had experienced fast and unexplainable weight gain.

I consulted a number of doctors and had numerous blood tests. Everything was normal, except that I was stuck with this excess weight that wouldn’t budge.Due to my weight, I felt miserable and depressed. I wasn’t active at all and I haven’t been able to do all the things I wished to participate in.

I was feeling hopeless until I heard about Todd Pittman’s 10-second ritual from my hairdresser and decided to check it out.

The “10-Second Morning Ritual” which changed everything.

After all those failed diets and feeling hopeless, the weight began to melt away once I started implementing this quick ‘cravings’ hack.

It has also been proven that this method supports healthy hearts, arteries, and blood sugar levels.

You can see that nothing has to do with the actual cause of weight gain:

1. How much you are eating, starving or depriving yourself of your favorite food…

2. How much grueling practice you do.

3. The amount of sugar or carbohydrates that you eat.

4. Your thyroid, hormones, or metabolism…

5. Or even genetics or the ageing process…

That’s what they want you to believe, exactly. That you are broken and it is your fault.But this isn’t your fault!

Which is why my life has basically changed by using this “cravings hack”.

Because this strange, but simple hack of cravings was introduced to me, I was able to:

  1. Eat whatever I want, whenever I wanted it.
    2. Not worry about gaining weight
    3. Not worry about grueling amounts of exercise
    4. Stop feeling desperate and like a constant failure

On top of that, because of my weight, I personally experienced less and less of these negative health problems than I often experienced

  • Inflammation;
    * Chronic Headaches;
    * Tiredness;
    * Severe-mood swings;
    * Uncontrollable hunger;
    * Memory loss and fogginess;
    * Low self-esteem;
    * Impatience and irritability;
    * Severe bloating;
    * Absence of motivation;
    * Back pain

Every day, staying healthy is a constant decision.

And that’s why I’m so fond of sharing with you this “simple morning ritual”… So that you can begin your own wonderful transformation!

Today, I’m 36, and I feel like I’m 25, and that feels wonderful.

I can take advantage of all my neighborhood’s fun outdoor activities and even get into public speaking on behalf of TOPS, the club for weight loss. My motto: You can do it if I can!

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