Hunting safety

or Else you will die

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Why hunting safety?

well theirs a lot certain animals that you can't hunt and animals that you can hunt always for example the dear and the buffalo etc.So ya that some rules on hunting safety or that actually what i learned about hunting safety.That why you have to go to class first to lel what i learned was that if you get dressed as orange your less from getting shoot you have to check the weather to be ready for your hunting.Never shoot randomly until you have your target.When you're hunting you have to be a certain away from the target i don't know how much it all depends what your hunting.That some certain animals are distinct because they get how to shoot.

good about hunting

Helps you have better skills on shooting.Or good at having some fun.Also its very important that you are very quiet when it comes to hide for your predator so the hunting don't hear you when you're hiding

bad about hunting safety

Well accident because you can shoot someone if you don't know how to hold a gun.Also if you dont if you don't have hunting safety you most likely are going to have an accident.