Summer Update

July 23, 2014

Where has the time gone?

Looking back, I see that it has been 6 weeks since my last update. Wow! There must be fewer hours in a summer day than there are in the other days of the year. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

While the days have passed quickly, there has been much going on...

  • Our loss is Basswood's gain...Coach Bryson will be in charge of his own gym next year. Congratulations Bryson!
  • Lindsay George has officially become a member of our 1st grade team. She comes to us from Wichita Falls, Texas. Welcome Lindsay!
  • Megan Richardson is joining the BPE family as our new speech therapist. Welcome Megan!
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classrooms will have 3 laptops in each room (without dismantling the laptop carts)
  • Work on the playground began the end of last week...hoping to return from vacation and see that all of the concrete work is complete :)
  • Every classroom has been cleaned and is ready for you to prepare for the next school year


  • Complete compliance videos prior to August 14th (instructional staff...teachers, librarian, counselor, speech therapist, administrators) -
  • Jan Richardson's "The Next Step in Guided Reading" is the anchor for our PD time with Claudia Brancato. It's an easy read full of practical and meaningful ways to support reading development in our students

PD Schedule August 14-22

Tentative Schedule

Thursday, August 14th - We'll be on campus...

Friday, August 15th - at Keller Harvel Elementary - New Math TEKS deconstruction, GPS planning of math, and math lesson planning for the first 6 weeks - Bring your Investigations Box (See pictures below to ensure you have all of the needed items)

Monday, August 18th - Wednesday, August 20th - See picture of schedule below...subject to change

Thursday, August 21st - Teacher Work Day...Lunch provided by PTA...Meet the Teacher & Information Fair in the gym from 5:00-6:30

Friday, August 22nd - Dr. Tamara Hodges presents, "Disruptive, Destructive and Disengaged: How to handle tough kids"

Session overview - Many times we find the ways we interact with these students seem to make the situations worse. In this workshop, participants will receive a brief overview of the causes, prevalence and prognosis of these different types of behaviors. The bulk of this workshop will provide specific strategies, methods of intervention, and particular phrases to use with these students to make life easier. Each participant will go home with a resource book full of ideas and templates for use in the classroom.

Behavior Management Training will address specific interventions for use with students who demonstrate these challenging behaviors:
• Oppositional & Defiant
• Aggressive
• Autistic (Spectrum Disorders)
• Unmotivated

Resources to Bring to KHES on Friday, August 15th

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August 18-20th...Look at the column for your specialization

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