Changing Careers

Fast Food to Music Production

Tips and Examples

Considering a change, Tip #1 - Decide what career you want to go into.

- Music Production has always been my dream, Fast Food has just been a temporary placement until an opportunity presented itself. Always have a career in mind first.

Considering a change, Tip #2 - Find exactly where you would like to go.

- After I've decided to go into music production, i have to decide where exactly i want to go, i could go to California, Houston Texas, or Dallas Texas. I'm personally going to Houston

Considering a change, Tip #3 - Put in application, if accepted, then put in 2 weeks notice.

- Never leave your job until you are sure that you are accepted to work at the job of choice, if not, then the might not hire you and then you could be jobless. always put in a 2 weeks notice as well, that looks good when your preferred job calls them and asks for opinions.

Considering a change, Tip #4 - Do NOT, i repeat, NOT burn bridges.

- If you get fired per say or do not get hired, and make a huge deal, when opportunity presents itself to reapply or go back to a certain job, the odds are that they will not hire you back, or accept you again due to your behavior last time.

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