Learning Focus

February 2021 | Focus: Writing

Writing- The Essential Skill

As educators we know that learning to write, and write well, is a critical academic and life skill. Knowing how to write well is not only important for success in school, but it is vital for "real world" success too. In today's wired world, through texts, emails, and posts, we communicate through the written word on a daily basis. Today's elementary and middle school students will one day enter the workforce and, regardless of the field they choose, will be asked to write in coherent, persuasive, and informative ways.

More than college and career readiness, writing helps with the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Writing can help children express their thinking, find their voice in the world, and work through real-life problems. By requiring young authors to consider audience and purpose, writing helps children connect to the world around them, both on and off the page. This month's Learning Focus looks to provide tips on how to focus our teaching and learning around this essential skill.

National Writing Project- Literacy, ELL, and Digital Storytelling: 21st-Century Skills in Action

Literacy, ELL, and Digital Storytelling: 21st-Century Skills in Action

National Writing Project (Click Image)- Educators and experts working to advance writing and the teaching of writing.