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Your task is to create a Thinglink for your planet that can be used for an advertising tool

You and your partner will create an advertising tool that will be displayed on our class page to entice people to visit your planet. You will include mandatory information and there will be choice information too. Then you will visit all the planets Thinglinks add take some notes about each.

Day 1 : Learn how to use Thinglink

You will learn how to use the program Thinglink. Your teacher will demonstrate how to use the program and your will explore 3 Thinglinks and answer questions with your partner on a google document that you made a copy of. Make sure you open the document and then make a copy, share your document with your partner and your teacher.

Day 2 and 3: Research your Planet

Take notes on the google doc template for your planet. Make sure to have enough valid information to add on your Thinglink. Notes should be filled out in each category. No cut and paste. You must put information into your own words. You will also include a bibliography at the end of your google document.

Day 4, 5 and 6: Create your Thinglink, look at classmates work and fill out notes.

You and your partner will work together to create your Thinglink on a photo of your planet. You will also supply your teacher with 2 quiz questions from your Thinglink for the class quiz. Make sure to add enough buttons to cover all the materials your took notes on. When you are done you will send your Thinglink web address to your teacher in an email Your teacher will create a Symbaloo with all your planets. Then as a team look at the other planets and take notes on your google document which you can use on the quiz.