OwlFeed Newsletter April 3, 2018

Spring cometh! The start of spring means the start of new sports and new events. In our case, with the start of spring also comes a new Editor-in-Chief. The temperatures are starting to warm up outside, but OwlFeed is already sizzling with new stories and new content. Heat advisory warning ahead. Don't worry, the stories are actually real this time. -Clinton Barney (EIC)
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By: Alejandra Espinoza

Recently I’ve become a referee for youth soccer ages 5 to 6. I do this all for free and I work with other volunteers.

Since this is recreational soccer and I am just a volunteer, I did not need to know the sport when I started. I quickly caught on and I have gained an appreciation for the sport.

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By: Graham Eisenhauer

“This is not album of the year. This is album of the life.” -Kanye West, Twitter.

Originally titled, WAVES, SWISH and So Help Me God, The Life of Pablo was a feature-packed, record-breaking, “living breathing changing creative expression,” (words from West’s own Twitter).

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By: Naomi Metoyer

In the wake of tragedy, a survivor arose to speak for the voiceless, calling upon the young to foster change in a broken and mourning nation.

Emma, in a speech that is not only genuine and raw, but truthful and inspiring as well, gave voice to the thoughts of those who have for too long been ignored.

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By: Kallie Swanson

Zalma Torres is a sophomore and Natalie Steinman is a junior. Both of these ladies are star soccer athletes and are proudly recognized as Agua Fria Journalism’s very first ‘Athletes of the Month.’

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By: Antawn Salinas

On this very special Owlfeed Podcast, I talk to some of the cast of Agua Fria’s production of “Legally Blonde – The Musical.” I talk to Sydnee Messerschmidt, Johnnie Morales, and Lauren Albrecht about the behind-the-scenes of “Legally Blonde,” as well as their favorite actors and movies, and even some of their favorite moments at Agua Fria. Click here to read more.


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