Laurie Halse Anderson

"When people don't express themselves, they die one piece at a time."

Melinda crashed an end of summer party and as a result starts high school with a bad reputation and no friends, but plenty of enemies. She goes almost completely mute, but one special art teacher gave her a difficult art project, and while her art takes shape she slowly finds her voice.

If you buy this book you won't be able to SPEAK about anything else

Speak Trailer


This is a New York Times best seller, that will play with your heart by making you laugh and cry with Melinda. Don't be the last of your friends to read this book. Why do you think Melinda crashed the party? Find out in Laurie Halse Anderson's book.

Laurie is a the New York Times best selling author. She takes on a difficult subject in this book, but still finds a way to bring out some humor, while still making a point. Her book Speak is a National Book Award finalist. Find out more about Laurie here: http://madwomanintheforest.com/