linevile technologhy

Lincoln Roberts

Typing web

1. Typing Web helps you type faster.

2. Helps you later on in life.

3. You have to beet intermediate course before the semester ends.

Haiku Deck

1. Helps you display a carrier that look interesting.

2. your able to more confidants in public speaking.

3. You make a slide show in this program that's straight forward

I Trailor

1. In I Trailer you make a a trailer about your life and what you like to do.

2. Your able to learn more about your peers.

3. Its fun exploring your options and getting.

Hour Of Code

1. In hour of code you some play coding games.

2. Its able to help you get into coding if that your interest.

3. In this unit it is fun because your able to experiment with some games.

Career Locker

1. You find idea of what you wanna do when you get out of high school.

2. your able can find different colleges that you want to go to.

3. Mr. Noe comes in and teaches this class teaches this class.

Email etiquette

1. you have to send a email to the teacher.

2. Its hard because there's a lot of rules.

3.Your email has to be formal.

Explain Everything

1. You have to solve a math problem

2. It has to be solve step by step

3. Your go record your voice and its advanced