John Adams

The man who put our country at stake.

People Rights

Basically you could not speak, ensemble, or write anything bad about the government that was malicious or not true. (you couldn't speak your mind) Which violate the first amendment (Freedom of Speech). You couldn't say anything negative about the government even if you formed a group and if the government found out you all would be arrested this applies to foreigners and American Citizens.

~Taxing Citizens~

The reason why people didn't want to be taxed was because back then the economy was still growing at the time, their jobs was scares. People didn't have a whole lot of money and what money they did have they wanted to keep to themselves. Instead of paying the government. Also the citizens didn't trust the newly form government.

*States not having power*

The Federalist wanted a strong federal government. So they limited how much power a state can have. If the federal government and supreme court decided that the state law is not constitutional, the federal government can tell the state that you cant have that law that's illegal. The federalist party which was under John Adams wanted the federal government to have all the power to tell states that they can't do something.

~Alien and Sedition~

The Alien and Sedition laws, passed in 1978 are a set of four laws aimed at protecting America from foreign invaders and spies; however, some of these laws served a more party agenda purpose to weaken the republican party.

Among the laws are: Naturalization Act, which extended the time immigrants could apply for citizenship from 5 to 14 years which delayed the ability for them to vote. The Alien Enemies Act established the precedent that once war started the president could arrest all male citizens of the enemy. Alien Friends Act authorized the president to deport any non-citizen suspected of plotting against the government. The fourth law was the Sedition Act which made it illegal to publish or speak any false or spiteful criticism against the government.

The Republican party spoke out saying that these laws went against the first amendments right to free speech, but the Federalist party which John Adams was a member controlled the majority in congress and the Acts were passed and signed into law by president John Adams signed them into law on July 14, 1978

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