Glenview Mansion

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History of Glenview mansion

Richard Johns Bowie bought 500 acres of land to to start a farm. In 1838 Richard and his wife built a two story house called Glenview Mansion. In 1917, after Richard Bowie died Irene and William Smith bought the Glenview farm. Soon after, William died and Irene married an army veteran. After Irene died in 1950, her husband started to sell parts of the land. RockVille bought 28 acres for 125,000 of land to become a civic center.

Description of Glenview Mansion

Glenview mansion is a neoclassical 153 acre mansion located in Rockville Maryland, it is 3 stories tall, has exemplary gardens with amazing architecture, and has artwork on the second floor. Glenview mansion also have tennis courts, a playground, storage and recreational facilities, and nature trails. It is also used to entertain and cater weddings and parties.

Importance of Glenview Mansion

Glenview mansion has a unique structure structure going back to the 1800s. Glenview mansion is also known as the first civic in rockville and it also tells how people lived, worked, and back then. Glenview mansion also provided people an idea how people built building without technology.