Hernan Cortes

By Daniel Garland

Hernan Cortes took 9 different expeditions

Hernan Cortes started his nine expeditions in Spain where he was born. His first journey was to Mexico. After he got there he went to another place in Mexico before returning home to Spain. After he got home to Spain his journeys were not yet over. Later in his life Hernan took yet another long journey but this time to what is now known as North America. He stayed there for quite some time taking different journeys while he was there. After all of that time in North America he finally returned back to Spain.

Hernan Cortes made a king's own people kill him

One of the many journeys Hernan Cortes took a journey to the Aztecs. When he got there king Montezuma thought that they were gods. Montezuma gave them most of his gold and riches to please them. All of the aztec people were very made and stoned their king to death, And they chased out Hernan Cortes and his crew. After that they sailed back to spain they took many more adventures one bad journey didn’t bring them down. Hernan Cortes did feel bad for making a king’s own people stone him to death but the thing he was most sad about is that he got chased out of their village before he could grab his riches.

The Life of Hernando Cortes

How exploration has changed from the time of Hernan Cortes to today

Exploration has changed a lot from the time of Hernan Cortes. One way exploration has changed is that now we have GPS {Global Positioning System}. Back then all people had were maps, not any more. We all still sometimes use maps like when we are hiking but not as often as we used to. Another way exploration has changed is that now we have plane's, speed boats, submarines, jets. The final way exploration has changed is that we now have google maps and phones so if we get lost at sea or on a mountain. We can also call for help and help will come, and we usually know where we are.