Warriors Into the Wild

By: Mya Reyhons


Rusty is a normal cat who lives with his owners and loves to gaze into the forest.

First Adventures

One day, when rusty decides to hunt, he is pounced on by Graypaw, the warrior apprentice. They soon become friends. When Bluestar asks Rusty to join the clan Rusty decides to sleep on it.

New Clanmate

Rusty decides to join the clan! He gets his new name (Firepaw). He finally gets to start his training.

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Training is going good until Firepaw gets caught talking to an old kittypet friend. While going hunting by himself he captures Yellowfang the Shadowclan medicine cat. Then, he gets the honor of being Bluestar's apprentice.

Punishment...I Think Not

As a "punishment" Firepaw must take care of Yellowfang until she is healed. Then all of a sudden Shadowclan and Thunderclan start a war with each other. After the battle Firepaw and Graypaw are made warriors.