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November Newsletter

From the North High Student Services Department:

The North High Student Services Department extends warm greetings to students and parents as we start to enter the 2021-22 Holiday Season. We hope that you/your student(s) are off to a great school year, and we look forward to wrapping up the first quarter of the school on November 5th. Just a reminder that Parent-Teacher conferences are Wednesday, November 10th from 2:30-7:30pm and Friday, November 12th from 8am-1pm.

North has five counselors, each with a caseload of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. There is also a School Social Worker, School Psychologist, Reading Specialist and a Transition Specialist. Please feel free to contact us any time with your questions or concerns.

Information for Senior Students

Need Help??

Your senior year can be exciting, fun, and very hectic and overwhelming at times. Sometimes it can feel like there is so much to do in so little time. If you need any help/assistance with your senior year and/or post-secondary plans then do not hesitate to contact your counselor via email or schedule an appointment to talk to them. Help is only a click away!

See the counselor info at the bottom to schedule an appointment or to contact your counselor.

Important Information for Seniors to Start the Year

Important Information for Seniors clickable Powerpoint and video. This information also covers different types of scholarships and the application process(es).

Senior Scholarships

Seniors, don't forget to be on the lookout for scholarships you're eligible for.

They will be published on

1) Your future college's website

2) North publishes any scholarships donors ask for us to share with you on our miscellaneous scholarship wall

3) Scholarship Databases (scroll down to Scholarship Search Engine)

4) North High Local Scholarships (the essay prompt is available to work on at this time, application will be released in January)

Requesting Your Transcripts for Colleges and Scholarships

Requesting your transcripts for colleges/universities:

Follow the instructions on the attached sheet if you need to send out your transcripts to a college, university, technical college or the NCAA/NAIA? If you have any questions please stop in (or contact) the Counseling Center.

If you are utilizing the Common App for the application process then your counselor will be submitting your transcript to the schools that are part of your Common Application. You do NOT have to also request to send your transcript for your Common App schools through Xello.


Requesting your transcripts for Scholarships:

Complete the linked form: https://tinyurl.com/yjb73gl5

Need to Find your G.P.A?

Need your GPA? Check your Portfolio in Skyward and reference your last report card (please note that if you took a summer 2021 course you need to contact your counselor for an updated gpa). The GPA that should be reported out is your unweighted, Cumulative GPA (not your weighted GPA).

University of Wisconsin- Green Bay is hosting an Express Admission Event

Dear Sheboygan North Seniors,

We have a wonderful opportunity to share with you! The University of Wisconsin- Green Bay is hosting an Express Admission Event at our high school on November 3, 2021 from 9-11 am. At the Express Admissions event:

  • UW-Green Bay admissions staff will be on-site to assist seniors who are interested in applying to UW-Green Bay
  • The application fee is waived
  • We will admit students on the spot to the campus of their choice
  • We will talk each student through their next steps in becoming a UW-Green Bay student
  • We will celebrate your admission with free stuff!

Please sign up in your Student Service/Counseling Office or via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhGTOnwmTwWgn_6r7JC2LD3n8h0VlzhXFTJJhan_zWovxHMQ/viewform by November 1, 2021. We hope to see you there!

College Applications

Students should be starting to apply to the colleges/universities of their choice (if they have not done so already). Please pay attention to any application due dates and required materials as part of the application process.

Counselors are available for any help with application questions.

For the UW Schools UW Help is a great resource for parents and students alike. Go to https://uwhelp.wisconsin.edu/

Note: The application fee for all UW campuses with the exception of UW-Eau Claire ($25), UW-La Crosse ($25), and UW-Madison ($60) has been suspended for all undergraduate applicants effective as of December 11, 2020 for approximately the next two years.

College Bound? Complete the FAFSA!

We encourage all Seniors planning to pursue post-secondary education to complete the FAFSA at fafsa.gov. You'll need your and your parent's tax returns from 2020.

There are still some virtual meeting options to help you/your family fill out and complete the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA). Filing out the FAFSA is highly recommended by colleges and may be required for consideration for some scholarships. For more information or to register for a meeting go to https://collegegoalwi.org/register/ or contact your anticipated colleges financial aid office.

There is typically more financial aid monies that are available at the beginning of the financial aid "season" as opposed to later. It is in your best interest to complete the FAFSA sooner-than-later to capitalize on the availability of these funds.

Senior Details Webpage and Daily Announcements

Stay up-to-date with important information about events and dates for your senior year and general news/announcements! Click on the links below for more specific information:

Senior Details Web Page

Daily Announcements

Seniors Looking to Enter Directly into the Workforce

If you are still interested in looking for employment after graduation, please check out the links below. Not only can you get guaranteed interviews with companies who are hiring now, but also resources on how to build a resume. Please reach out to us if you have any questions!

Inspire Sheboygan Job / Career Fair Page -- Employers who have guaranteed interviews for Students/Soon to be Graduates.

Click here to receive more information about opportunities locally here from Inspire Sheboygan County

Inspire Resume Builder -- Creates a Google Doc that is automatically shared with you. You will have to ‘clean up’ the document (delete any fields not needed) + fix the formatting accordingly. Then print and/or upload to email the employer.

Xello Resume Builder (1:59)

Youth Co-Op Opportunities

The youth co-op program through Inspire Sheboygan County is open to students ages 16-18 who are looking to explore a variety of career fields including manufacturing, engineering, automotive, healthcare, finance, business management and entrepreneurship. The youth co-op experience is a minimum of 75 hours within an academic quarter or summer. Students are placed in youth co-op roles through an application and interview process. Students are paid an hourly wage based on industry standards and receive ½ credit upon successful completion of the youth co-op. The co-op is pass/fail and does not receive a grade. Students must also be enrolled in a related course.

Learn more here and get ready to apply!!!

College / Military / Workforce Reps Visiting North

Find out who will be coming to North and when they will be here! Sign up to talk to a college admissions, military, and/or workforce-company rep to find out more information about their school, branch of the military, or workplace opportunities they have for you. If you sign up a pass will be sent to you the day the rep visits North. Please be sure to sign up by the end of the school day - the day before the rep visits to ensure that a pass will be sent for you.

College Visit Calendar

College/Military Rep SIGN UP

Information for Junior Students

ACT Testing Opportunities

While all Juniors will be taking the ACT at North High on Tuesday, March 8th 2022 - some might want to start taking the test to get multiple testing opportunities in and possibly improve their scores. To see ACT National Testing dates and deadlines go to: https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/pdfs/Test-Date-Schedule-National-2021-2022.pdf

To set up an account and register for an ACT National Testing date go to: https://act.org/

Free ACT Prep Guide

Click on the link to get access to a free ACT Test Prep Guide from ACT: Free Test Prep Guide

Information for Sophomore Students

Youth Frontiers Respect Retreat

North High School is excited to be bringing in Youth Frontiers to host a Respect Retreat for our Sophomore students on November 8th and 9th. North High School has been working with Youth Frontiers since 2017 to provide a high quality and meaningful experience for our students. Information was emailed home regarding this event to all the families of our Sophomore students. A copy of the parent letter with more information can be found here (Youth Frontiers Parent Letter).

Information for Freshmen Students

Need Help??

Freshmen - we hope that all is going well with your classes and that you have been successful in your classes. Just a reminder that there are many different ways to get help here at North. Here are some common ways to seek out the help that you might need in your class(es):

1) Talk to the teacher. The teacher will be a great resource and can provide the best help for what they are covering. Talking to or emailing your teacher for help or to arrange a time to meet is a great idea.

2) Utilize Raider Time - teachers (or a teacher in the subject you are seeking help in) are typically available for additional help during Raider Time. You can sign up for the help - or - if you are not doing so well - a teacher can request you.

3) Talk to your counselor - your counselor can help you brainstorm and problem solve solutions to get the help that you need. They can also help you communicate with your teachers.

4) Talk to your parents - yes they can help problem solve and communicate as well.

Miscellaneous Information

College and Career Readiness - Community Service Hours

One of the Career Readiness goals adopted by the Sheboygan Area School District, is for each student to have acquired a minimum of 25 hours of community service while in high school by the time a student graduates. Please note that this is not a graduation requirement. The Community Service hours form can/will also be utilized to document community service hours that are being done by a student seeking to meet the community service hours requirements for National Honors Society. Please print off the attached sheet, fill in the needed information, get the needed signatures and hand the form in to your high school counselor. If you have any other questions please contact your high school counselor.

Need to record some hours of community service - Click here for the form

These two links will provide you a quick way to search what volunteer options are available here in the Sheboygan area -- and you can even check out how to participate from home!

Just Serve - Make sure to add location

Volunteer Sheboygan

There will be a community Service Fair called "All Hands On Deck" that will be happening here at North High School on Thursday, October 28th. Follow up information and links will be published after the event.

Volunteer Opportunities through Aurora

Good Morning,

My name is Michelle Tisljar and I am the Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator for Advocate Aurora Health Care.

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center is in dire need for volunteers and am wondering if you could communicate this need to your students as this may be a wonderful fit for them.

Please note that all volunteers need to be at least 15 years of age, fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 15, 2021, receive an annual flu vaccination, and the Volunteer Manager does require a 64 hour minimum commitment during a calendar year.

Would you be so kind as to display the attached flyer for students to view.

Students can apply by clicking on the following link which takes them to the volunteer application https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?ap=540687935.

Job Postings!

Looking for a job? Visit all of our current listings on the Student Service website!

To start your search for where you will be making some $$$$, click here.

Check back every few weeks to see if more opportunities are available!

Big picture

Virtual Calming Room

A Place to take a quick break, relax, and recharge!!!

NEW --Yoga Video and Guided Mindfulness Video

Do you have an idea for the Calming Room? Have something you want to see added? We are looking for more people to contribute!!! Email your School Counselor to get involved!

SNHS Virtual Calming Room