Night Of The Twisters

Ivy Ruckman


Dan Hatch




Ronnie Vae

Dan's mom/ Dad

Grandma Hatch

Aunt Goldie

Mrs. Smile

The cop

The guy outside of Kmart

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  • The Night Of The Twisters happened in Grand Island Nebraska.
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  • After Night Of The Twister it was a mess all of the homes were gone


  • They had to run to get Ryan out if his bed and he was stuck.
  • The cop could not see when he was driving because a price of glass flew in his eye.
  • Dan, Arthur, and Ryan were stuck in the basement and oil and water was coming out of the shower.


  • He told Arthur to come and bring a flash light but he was really stuck and then he wake up and the tornado was about to hit.
  • Dan had to drive because the cop could not see.
  • Stacy found them and got them out of the basement.


Nebraska state capital is Lincoln, also they grow lots of corn, beans, soybeans, wheat, grain and they have a lot of room in Nebraska.

The story takes place in Grand Island Nebraska.


Dan and Arthur were at home watching T.v and then Dan's mom stared watching the news and then the alarm and Dan's mom sayed"what about Mrs. Smiley." Then Dan mom told them to go down stair and then they had to get Ryan. But Ryan was stuck so Dan was yelling Arthur and then Arthur came they got him out. They ran down stair and went to the basement to get covered. The next chapter the tornado hit. The next chapter Stacy found them stuck in the basement and got them out. The next chatper they looked for Dan's mom and then Dan's mom went to kmart. Dan and Arthur, Ryan and Stacy went to look for Mrs. Smiley and they found her sleeping. The next chapter they found a cop and the cop took them to a jail to sleep there. But when they were driving the cop got glass in his eye. Then the next chapter the cop tried to get to kmart but the streets were closed so Dan got out and ran to kmart. But when he got there there was no one there so then he went with someone in a van so then he droped him of and then Dan walked for a little bit and found his mom and dad and Ryan and they. The next chapter was one year later and it was about when Arthur had such a big family thaty he spend most of his summer with Dan and they went Dan's grandma. And they were lucky that Dan's grandma still had a house. So Arthur stent the rest of the summer with Dan's family and they went to Dan's grandma's house.